Shilling for the State . . . Economist Robert Shiller thinks the only thing standing between us and the next housing bubble burst is more gov’t regulation. Mark Thornton of Mises thinks he’s wrong.

The Great Depression . . . A primer on the competing theories for what caused it. [5:00]

Freeing the airwaves . . . Nick Gillespie of ReasonTV sits down with economist and author Thomas Hazlett to talk FCC, net neutrality, and the stifling of innovation.

The major is what matters . . . not the degree. Antony Davies of Dusquense University and James Harrigan of Freedom Trust discuss the value of choosing the right college major. [13:00]

What’s so bad about the Galactic Empire? . . . George Lucas never tells us, so FEE takes a shot at figuring it out. [8:00]



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