Meme Magic . . . Ludwig von Mises may have died in more than 40 years ago, but he would have understood the power of a good meme better than the rest of us today, because he understood the power of ideas.

Post-War prosperity . . . Think things were so great in the 1950s? With a top tax rate of 91%, 20% for the lowest bracket, and nine recessions in the decade, it may only have seemed great compared with WWII and the Great Depression. Now the 60s, they were great.

Tolerating the bad idea . . . Even that, says John Stuart Mill, is good for society. So don’t silence the crackpot. Talk to him (or her).

Is organic better? . . . NO, says Bjorn Lomborg of PragerU. And NO, says a lot of studies.

Freedom for our friends down south . . . Waaay down south. Lawrence Reed of FEE talks the evils of socialism and the hope for liberty in South America.




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