The infrastructure boondoggle . . . Always assumed and never questioned: that gov’t “investment” in roads and bridges is a win for the economy. Ryan McMaken of Mises doesn’t assume it, and he’s asking a lot of questions.

Going global . . . Brian Domitrovic of Learn Liberty traces America’s economic history from WWII to today.

Our 51st state? . . . Puerto Rico would like that. Statehood would bring many benefits, but, says Ed Krayewski of Reason, they’ll need to set aside their love of big government if they expect to turn things around economically.

Squid and Whale . . . M.G. Seigler of FEE extols the two biggest and most interesting creatures in the digital ocean: Netflix and Amazon.

Gun rights in Europe . . . There aren’t a lot. But things may be changing.


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