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Portfolio Enemy #1

From 1996 through 1999, a silent killer grew and overtook the portfolios of nearly all US investors. I fear it’s on the move again. Working quietly, like a kind of virus, this enemy enters your portfolio and slowly takes over. … Continue reading

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Invest Like a Rockstar

I had my first can of Rockstar while I was in Austin last week. I go down there to learn to become a better investor coach and end up with a new drink. I learned later that the main ingredient … Continue reading

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What Should an Investment Manager Do For You?

Rather than participating in all of the speculative hype so prevalent on Wall Street, your money manager should help you focus on what you can control and make sure you are aware of what you cannot control.

“NO” is the answer I give most frequently to those who ask me investment questions.

Should I buy Google if it goes below $400? NO

Should I load up on health care sector stocks because of the aging population? NO

Should I buy more emerging market or small company stocks because they tend to do better after a recession? NO

The list goes on…. Continue reading

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Global Markets Shudder!!

This is the main headline of The Wall Street Journal today.

I wonder how all of the active money managers are feeling today after yesterdays mammoth sell off in their international small company and emerging markets funds?

They might be re-thinking their mid 2009 “inflight correction” to include more emerging markets in their portfolios.

Let’s not miss this!

Here is what happened to many portfolios this past year… Continue reading

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Should I buy Google at $420?

I’m at the lake this weekend and talking with my 19 year old nephew, Chris, about Google’s current stock price. He’s done some research and thinks at $420 per share, this company may be a buy. “It’s been over $800,” he posits. “It’s a … Continue reading

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