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For Dick Morris FEAR is Good Business

Dick Morris may be a good political strategist, but he would make a horrible investor coach. Though my guess is that based on all the commissions he’s making on gold and life insurance sales, he does not care. Please, don’t … Continue reading

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Today I thought I’d have my friend Brian Moran help me do some coaching. He knows the topic of accountability, and when he talks about things we can and cannot control, he’s using language that meshes well with our investment … Continue reading

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1000, 100, 10, 1

“Separating Myths From Truths”: The Story of Investing Join us to learn: • 2011 & Beyond: Successful investing in the current Economy! • The “Big Secret” of what’s killing the returns in your portfolio • Can anyone really Predict the … Continue reading

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Live Ready

As your coach, I’ve made as one of my objectives over the past few years reorganizing my work week to include a regular time for reading and writing. It has taken some time to change habits and if I’m honest, … Continue reading

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Not So Fast!

“Not so fast” is something that I often say to those clients who are ‘raring to go’ before they fully understand what the investment option really is. I had one such client four years ago. We met a few times, … Continue reading

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