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The Deutsche Bank debacle . . . How risky finance, fractional reserve banking, and an aggressive US D.O.J. have converged like a perfect storm on Europe’s premier banking house. Voting with your feet . . . Learn Liberty’s Rubin Report … Continue reading

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Weekly Web Gems

Bitcoin¬†(5:29). . . What is it? Mises Institute’s Mark Thornton defines and defends this free-market alternative to government money. How to destroy a portfolio¬†(25:33). . . Mark Matson explains, “Many investors and advisers play games (calling it sophistication) with portfolios … Continue reading

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Even in Politics, Free Markets Work

Would someone please change the station? The static is killing me. I often drive from Lansing to Grand Rapids because my firm has offices in both locations. When I make that drive I usually start out the trip listening to … Continue reading

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