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So You Think You Can TIME THE MARKET? Part II

In the last email I made the case that it is literally impossible to time the market given the fact that no warnings are given ahead of time and that the big changes are so furiously sharp that you are … Continue reading

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What You Did Right

  Dan Cuprill, a fellow Matson Money investment coach and all-around great guy, recently sent this message out to his clients. It’s a powerful reminder of why we’re doing what we’re doing. Look for the farmer/seed analogy—it’s really good…   … Continue reading

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Fear and Greed

We all know that fear and greed are poison when it comes to being a successful investor. Greed leads to chasing hot sectors and will leave you frustrated because you will never be where you need to be before the … Continue reading

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Should I buy Google at $420?

I’m at the lake this weekend and talking with my 19 year old nephew, Chris, about Google’s current stock price. He’s done some research and thinks at $420 per share, this company may be a buy. “It’s been over $800,” he posits. “It’s a … Continue reading

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Keep it Simple

I was reading Bogle this morning (still on chapter 3) and he referrenced William of Occam, a franciscan friar and philosopher famous for his Razor theory. Here it is in three forms: “Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily” or put … Continue reading

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