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Fear and Greed

We all know that fear and greed are poison when it comes to being a successful investor. Greed leads to chasing hot sectors and will leave you frustrated because you will never be where you need to be before the … Continue reading

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Live Ready

As your coach, I’ve made as one of my objectives over the past few years reorganizing my work week to include a regular time for reading and writing. It has taken some time to change habits and if I’m honest, … Continue reading

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Free Market Portfolio Theory in 30 Seconds

Mark mentioned three components of Free Market Portfolio Theory: Efficient Markets theory; Modern Portfolio theory; and the Three-Factor Model. We’ll look at each of those over next few weeks.

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Tuesday 20 Questions

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Invest Like a Rockstar

I had my first can of Rockstar while I was in Austin last week. I go down there to learn to become a better investor coach and end up with a new drink. I learned later that the main ingredient … Continue reading

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