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Fear and Greed II – Faith in Credit Ratings or Faith in the Market?

  You’ve probably seen a version of this headline already. If not, here’s one from The Wallstreet Journal: S&P Strips U.S. of Top Credit Rating S&P removed for the first time the triple-A rating the U.S. has held for 70 … Continue reading

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Free Market Portfolio Theory in 30 Seconds

Mark mentioned three components of Free Market Portfolio Theory: Efficient Markets theory; Modern Portfolio theory; and the Three-Factor Model. We’ll look at each of those over next few weeks.

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Invest Like a Rockstar

I had my first can of Rockstar while I was in Austin last week. I go down there to learn to become a better investor coach and end up with a new drink. I learned later that the main ingredient … Continue reading

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Interesting fact about Recessions:

Interesting fact about Recessions: They end. Let’s stop talking about this recession as anything other than the best time in your lifetime to buy stocks and increase the size of your portfolio through acquisition of more shares. This one will … Continue reading

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Warren Buffett goes Indexing!

Front page Wall Street Journal again today – I just had to comment. Warren Buffett’s elite stock has never been one that the average american could own.  He has never split his share price so the price of one share … Continue reading

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