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Weekly Web Gems

The revolving door . . . that joins Wall Street to the U.S. Dept. of Treasury is working fine. Just ask Tim Geithner. But what about the kids? (3:57) . . . Professors Steven Horwitz and Jeffrey Reiman debate the government’s … Continue reading

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What Should an Investment Manager Do For You?

Rather than participating in all of the speculative hype so prevalent on Wall Street, your money manager should help you focus on what you can control and make sure you are aware of what you cannot control.

“NO” is the answer I give most frequently to those who ask me investment questions.

Should I buy Google if it goes below $400? NO

Should I load up on health care sector stocks because of the aging population? NO

Should I buy more emerging market or small company stocks because they tend to do better after a recession? NO

The list goes on…. Continue reading

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