Open Borders and Freedom . . . Lew Rockwell discusses the fallacy (and the threat to private property rights) of open borders as a libertarian ideal.

Is the 60/40 Portfolio Dead? (4:00) . . . Mark Matson says no, and he explains why with typical MM clarity.

License to Kill . . . Entrepreneurship, that is. Red tape and bureaucracy are stifling innovation and small business start-ups. It seems to a genie that won’t go back in the bottle.

Quantitative Easing . . . Is qualitatively failing. Policy analysis from the Cato Institute…

The Labor Theory of Value . . . Karl Marx brought it to us, and while economists have largely dropped it, the general public still operates on the assumption that a product or service’s value lies in the amount of work that went into it.

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The “Priceless” Railroad (6:00) . . . A thought experiment on free markets and central planning. And just about the best primer out there on the informational power of prices.

Good ol’ Days of Poverty . . . China’s richest man, Jack Ma, says he was happier when he was a poor teacher just out of college.

Schools of Choice for the Planet? (5:00) . . . Yes, says Bartley Danielsen, founder and president of Environmentalists for Education Reform. More choices will entice more parents to stay in the inner cities.

Social Security Default . . . Not only is it inevitable, but it’s been happening, for decades now, in slow and incremental tax increases and benefit reductions.

Libertarianism, pt1 (11:00) . . . In the first of a 14-part series, David Boaz of lays out the very first origins of Libertarianism. And he begins, properly, in the Bible.


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So where are we at with ZIRP? . . . Some Fed watchers paid $250k per plate to hear Ben Bernanke’s take on interest rates. Here’s what the Mises Institute has to say. For free.

The Spider in the Urinal (2:30) . . . A provocative thought experiment about a spider in a urinal. And a solid free-market application, of course.

Embrace the Uber, NYC . . . You’ll be better for it. The taxi cartel wants to keep Uber and other ride-share apps out of the Big Apple, but that’s just big cronyism. The numbers say it will be a net gain for New Yorkers.

SCOTUS Watch (3:00) . . . Damon Root of Reason briefs us on soon-to-be-heard Supreme Court cases involving affirmative action, unions, and civil forfeiture.

Here’s to the Ho-hum and the Hum-drum . . . Kevin DeYoung reminds us that a wonderfully boring life is a gift from God.

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Fallacies, the Fed, and Free Speech: FREE-MARKET GEMS

Fallacies of the Fed (5:00) . . . Interest rates, money supply, the market,

The Car Congestion Capital . . . wants to make things better. That is, the L.A. central planners want to make things better, which of course will make things worse.

Now for the GOP Cocktails (1:30) . . . We did this two weeks ago for the Dems. Let’s keep the fun bi-partisan, shall we?

Remy does Trump (1:20) . . . Actually it’s Remy imitating Drake parodying Trump. It has actual clips of Trump talking, so yeah, it’s hilarious..

Free Speech in the Classroom? (7:00) . . . Students in a California high school fight their own administration for freedom of the press.

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Guns, Greece, and IP: FREE-MARKET GEMS

WORK as Slavery? . . . Julian Adorney of Mises takes apart the fallacy that employment, no matter how voluntary, is coercive. As usual, it’s all about fundamentals and defining terms.

What is LIBERTY? (6:00) . . . Everyone likes it (even Karl Marx said he liked it), but what does a good libertarian mean when he uses the word?

If Greece Defaults (1:40) . . . Will the international community forgive and forget? Depending on how Greece goes about it, says Econ. Prof Garrett Jones, they may be willing to do a lot more than that.

Intellectual Property (26:00) Reason’s Nick Gillespie moderates this fascinating libertarian panel discussion on the limits and abuses of patents and copyright law.

The “Moderate” step of gun registration . . . Playing the “Hitler Did It” card can be an easy, go-to fallacy when debating an issue, but in this case it’s just a good and reasonable use of history: Registration had to happen before the guns were confiscated from their Jewish owners, and it was always part of the design.


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