Kids, Cars, and a Campus Coma: FREE-MARKET GEMS

We Don’t Have Health Insurance . . . No one does anymore, and Jim Fedako of the Mises Institute explains why.

Campus Confusion (3:00) . . . Professor Rob Gressis discusses taxation, charity, and the use of force with the students of Cal State Northridge.

Sharing the Wealth . . . Here’s a look at an OnDeck application, a lender for business loans of up to $250k in as little as one day. (Not an ad. We just think this sort of streamlined business model right out of the sharing economy is pretty cool.)

Government Motors . . . Not only are all those safety amenities mandated, but in this case the car companies love being told what to do.

It’s All About the Kids (6:00) . . . Rebecca Friedrichs disagrees and is taking the California Teachers Association to the US Supreme Court to prove it.

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MMA, Uber, and Greeks: FREE-MARKET GEMS

MMA in NYC? . . . Not if the unions have their way. Legal in 49 states, and considered the fasting growing sport in the world, mixed martial arts  has always been, and still is, illegal in New York. But it’s the unions, not an over-reaching nanny state that keeps it that way.

The Greek Debacle pt I (1:30) . . . Garret Jones of George Mason U gives what has to be the simplest explanation of recent events in Greece.

The Greek Debacle pt II (8:00) . . . Mark Matson looks at what’s happening in Greece from the point of view of a fully-diversified, re-balanced, optimistic investor.

Uber-Nanny . . . Taxi unions hate the ride-sharing app Uber, and so too must you if you’re a democrat, says Hillary Clinton. Two parties in an agreed-upon, mutually beneficial economic exchange without regulations? She’s right – this kind of thing has to stop.

Encryption et al . . . Ladar Levison talks net neutrality, cryptography, and freedom of speech in the digital age with ReasonTV’s Zach Weissmueller.

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Gulags and Gandy Dancers: FREE-MARKET GEMS

The Broken Window Fallacy . . . Good logic has been knocking it down for a long time. Now empirical research takes a shot at this most disastrous of Keynesian presuppositions.

Austerity Starts with Gov’t Budgets . . . John Stossel provides a good follow-up to the previous link and shows the Broken Window Fallacy at work.

China’s Gulags . . . A prisoner of China’s secret labor camps for 19 years (he was guilty of being the son of a banker) Harry Wu speaks out.

Lifting Sanctions on Iran . . . John Glaser and Justin Logan of the CATO Institute provide compelling reasons that the Iran Nuclear Deal will prove no threat to the US or Iran’s neighbors.

Love Your Job! . . . Here’s some inspiration to help: 10 jobs from the early 1900s that humans like you actually had to perform (never mind the low pay and long hours).

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Dinos, Nannies, and Knickers: FREE-MARKET GEMS

A Jurassic-World What-If . . . Why things wouldn’t get out of hand if capitalists (boring, conservative, opportunity-cost-watching capitalists) really ran the park. Good economics that would make a really bad movie.

A Ban on Smoking Research? (1:30) . . . In order to study the effects of smoking, test subjects in laboratories must smoke, right? NO! says NJ anti-smoking group GASP. They can smoke outside too, like everyone else.

Common Ground . . . for the Christian and atheist? There is some, and it’s pretty important ground says George Smith of

The Return of the Streetcar (5:00) . . . How earmarking, monument-building, central-planning politicians are doing their all to make your downtown commuting experience worse than ever.

A Free Country! (4:00) . . . John Adams’ last remarks before the vote for American independence.

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Bubbles and the Brown Bomber: FREE-MARKET GEMS

The Next Bubble? . . . Even amid nation-wide funding cuts, college campuses are building like mad. So who’s footing the bill? Easy: Anyone paying the tuition rates that have risen 4 times faster than inflation over the past 30 years.

The Supremes Preserve Obamacare (1:00) . . . Five take-aways from last week’s decision.

Rates Tightening? (2:30) . . . Sit tighter, says Mark Matson. Education requires more reminding than instruction: this is classic MM reminding us of what’s important in investing.

De Blasio Bomb . . . More rent-control antics from NY City promise to decimate a new generation of housing in the Big Apple.

The Joe Louis Story You Didn’t Know . . . If you didn’t hate the IRS already, you will after reading this.


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