The Future turns 20, and other…WEBGEMS

Happy B-day, The Future! (29:00) . . . You’re 20 this year! ReasonTV’s Nick Gillespie celebrates with W. Joseph Campbell author of 1995: the Year the Future Began.

Sign! Sign! Everywhere a Sign! . . . According to the National Motorists Assoc. an overabundance of traffic signs is hurting us much more than helping. There’s got to be a good anti-regulation allegory in there somewhere.

3rd-world bitcoin (1:42) . . . Where credit and banking are scarce, bitcoin is meeting the demand.

Subsidies are on the block for ACA . . . And if the Supremes declare that provision of the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional, it will be the Democrats who have some ‘splainin to do.

Top 5 NFL Hits! (1:00) . . . to taxpayers’ wallets.


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Our 51st State, Bitcoin, and Free-Range Parenting: WEB GEMS

3 Bitcoin basics (2:30) . . . Think “cash” not money; they’re not just for criminals; and there’s a fixed, limited number of them.

What’s a neocon? you ask . . . Author George H. Smith gives his answer and defines libertarian while he’s at it.

If you love them let them go (4:22) . . . or something corny like that. Lenore Skenazy, author of Free-Range Kids, gives one NYC couple a hands-on parenting lesson.

The Austrians . . . and why increasing the money supply will NEVER pull a society out of poverty.

And then there were 51 (2:13) . . . Northern CA gets a little closer to its dream of statehood (but we would call it Jefferson). 


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Redneck Holocaust and Pension Busters: WEB GEMS

Index funds are catching on . . . and the active traders are feeling the heat.

Pension reform NOW (2:45) . . . ReasonTV’s Nick Gillespie gives three good reasons why it needs to be a top-of-list priority for local governments.

Pension reform in CA (9:00) . . . Here’s how San Jose took on the unions and got it done.

U.S. ethnic cleansing? . . . Well, yes, but they were rednecks, so it doesn’t count.

Why we should abolish the minimum wage (8:00) . . . A concise, well-packed argument from a solid free-market perspective (warning: one F-bomb at 5:41).


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Docs, Robbers, and Nannies: WEB GEMS

Warsaw’s blinking lights (5:00) . . . Georgetown econ professor Peter Jaworski recounts a 1980s city-wide act of resistance in the face of tyranny.

Are we really free? . . . Only when entrepreneurs are free to sell and consumers are free to buy does society have freedom.

Stick ‘em up . . . Uncle Sam is not robbing anyone, because it has a fancy legal name: civil forfeiture.

What’s up, Doc? . . . Not the number of new doctors. In fact, the government’s actions have all but ensured a coming doctor shortage.

Stop the madness! (1:36) . . . Thankfully, Dubuque, Iowa, is doing just that and putting a stop to the horror of childhood . . . sledding. It’s the Nanny o’ the Month.


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Keynes, Uber, the surveillance state: WEB GEMS

Rebalance! (1:23) . . . Mark Matson reminds us again what it takes to be a disciplined, long-term investor.

Left wing, right wing, they’re all Keynesians . . . and why moving money around doesn’t make us richer.

America’s worst school system is dying (5:00). . . and many in Camden, NJ, are breathing a sigh of relief.

The NSA debate (3:00). . . Cindy Cohn of Electronic Frontier Foundation and Ronald Sievert of Texas A&M square off.

Is ride sharing safe? . . . Cato Institute’s policy analysis on companies like Uber and Lyft says yes. Safer than taxicabs, at least.

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