Bootleggers, Bitcoin, and Belmont: FREE-MARKET GEMS

The Forgotten Depression . . . James Grant analyzes the depression of 1921 in his new book. The customer reviews themselves are worth a look.

No vaping! Because the children (2:00) . . . Big Tobacco is throwing a lot of money at efforts to ban vaping, because they’re all about public health, right? Right… Sounds like an episode of Bootleggers and Baptists to me.

Bitcoin NY style (3:00) . . . As if bitcoin regulations weren’t convoluted enough, the state of NY is trying hard to pile on more. We call that public service.

One for the ages . . . Kevin DeYoung revisits Secretariat’s 1973 Belmont Stakes victory (still the track record, by the way). This will give you chills. And it’s just a horse running.

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The Prosecution Rests . . . in its own power and without accountability. Mises Institute’s Michael Giuliano explores this expansion and abuse of government power and proposes a possible way out.

Voluntary Jury Duty . . . It’s not far-fetched, and it may not be far off, says Reason’s Greg Beato.

Is the Free Market Hurting the Gaming Industry? . . . No, says Matthew McCaffrey of FEE. It’s corporatism and IP law–it’s the LACK of a truly free market.

5 Dumb Liquor Laws (4:00) . . . Brought to you by the legislature of the state of Virginia.

Why a Death Tax? . . . Forbes contributor John C. Goodman shows how the so-called economics that justify it are false and argues for its appeal.

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Hate speech, Hayek, and Heat: FREE-MARKET GEMS

But what about monopolies? . . . As Hayek explains, a dynamic free market is inherently well-suited for discouraging monopolies.

Hate speech is unprotected speech . . . So says CNN anchor Chris Cuomo. He also challenged viewers to read the constitution. Here’s what it says.

Experimental drugs and the terminally ill (7:00) . . . Professor Howard Baetjer of Towson University gets a surprisingly wide range of views from the school’s students.

Nanny o’ the month (2:00) . . . April’s Nanny goes to Gov. Jerry Brown for tightening the little guy’s belt and letting his Big Agra friends carry on with business as usual. We’ll throw in a Crony for his mantle also.

Faith on the hardwood . . . Pastor Kevin DeYoung talks with 6’9″ forward MSU Spartan Matt Costello about the challenges of living faithfully and in the spotlight.

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Ending the IRS and other FREE-MARKET GEMS

Strange Bedfellows (4:00) . . . but not for the usual reasons. Good ideas are rising up through the grass-roots and sprouting in D.C. where guys like Rand Paul and Eric Holder are actually working together.

Tapping your Roth IRA . . . Michael Pollack of WSJ explains how to optimize your Roth in combination with other retirement assets.

Death by zip code (6:00) . . . Meet Sophia. She has epilepsy that modern medicine can’t treat, but a natural remedy will. The problem? the plant she needs is called cannabis.

End the IRS? (17:00) . . . “Why not?” says Grover Norquist. “Kansas did it.” Nick Gillespie talks with the author of End the IRS Before It Ends US. 

The Living-Wage Mistake . . . There are many of them, but Ryan McMaken of Mises zeroes in on the cost of interventionist activity itself.

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Mark Matson Minute (1:00) . . . It’s actually less than a minute, and I bet you can guess what he’s going to say. Investors, you can’t hear this message too often!

The secret life of Jackie Robinson . . . He was – are you ready for this? – a conservative. It wasn’t actually a secret back in 1960 when he joined the Nixon presidential campaign and got fired form the NY Post for it, but it sure is hushed up today. Happy Jackie Robinson Day, everyone!

Capitalists are self-interested . . . and the world shouldn’t want it any other way. Gary Galles of the Mises Institute reminds us of the important difference between self-interest and selfishness.

Let your No mean Yes? . . . Totally. Kathryn Schulz of The New Yorker explores the recent and puzzling emergence of the yes/no auto-antonym. Unregulated language development — gotta love it.

Best Song Ever! (2:00) . . . (The tax edition by Remy) Simultaneously funny and infuriating.


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