Operation Choke Point and other FREE-MARKET GEMS

Myths About the Crash . . . In January of 1988 Murray Rothbard addressed the swirl of misinformation that followed Black Monday of October ’87. He was a voice of reason then, and (on this subject anyway) he is still one now.

Operation Choke-Point (9:00) . . . The most powerful, autonomous, above-the-law, and abusive Federal agency you’ve never heard of.

Gov’t Hates Your Cash . . . Mises contributor Joseph Salerno explores government’s war on cash, its history and the future goal of a “supervised spending” world.

Lov Gov Ep.2 (4:30) . . . Alexis is starting her new business and Gov wants to “help.” His intentions are good, and it’s not like there’s ever been a road paved with good intentions that led to somewhere bad.

The Drowning Child Experiment (3:30) . . . Matt Zwolinski, Assoc. Prof. of philosophy at U of San Diego, discusses the moral dilemma of opportunity cost when the opportunity belongs to someone else.  And while he leaves God (the source of all morality) out of the discussion, his points are still provocative.


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Lifehacks, Paternalism, and the Share Econ: FREE-MARKET GEMS

Love Gov Ep.1 (5:30) . . . Meet Scott Govinsky, or “Gov”. In this hilarious series by the Independent Institute, the federal government is portrayed as an overbearing boyfriend who only wants to make the world a better place and protect Alexis from…well…herself.

Afraid to Share? (3:00) . . . The government thinks you should be and wants to regulate companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Feastly. But the beauty of the sharing economy is that it regulates itself. And maybe that’s what government should be afraid of.

Inside the Mind of a Paternalist . . . David Gordon of Mises takes apart the thinking of bureaucrat and liberal policy wank Cass Sunstein, and knocks down any idea of a “libertarian paternalist.”

Intellectuals Hate You (15:00) . . . if you’re a capitalist. John Mackey, co-founder of Whole Foods Market, discusses with Nick Gillespie of ReasonTV the long history of intellectual contempt for commerce.

Top 10 MacGyvers . . . Lifehacker brings us ten easy hacks you can start using right now. Life-changing.

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Ayn, Money Grabs, & Nannies: FREE-MARKET GEMS

The Death of Wealth in Connecticut . . . Christopher Westley of the Mises Institute laments the latest cash grab from “The Full of Surprises” state: a nearly ten-fold jump in the death-tax cap, making CT one of the worst states to die in.

What They Carry . . . Here’s a peak into the travel backpack of Matt Mulenweg, CEO of Automatic.

Small Business Tip of the Week . . . Business Journals contributor Bill Stevens shows us how to turn positive customer reviews into valuable content.

Ayn Rand Recanters . . . From Rush drummer Neil Peart to former Fed Reserver Alan Greenspan, some Rand fans find good (pragmatic?) reasons for distancing themselves from the philosophy of objectivism.

Nanny of the Month . . . Driving while using a cell phone is now illegal in Indiana, but the Nanny actually goes to the representatives who voted for it without reading it.

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Kids, Cars, and a Campus Coma: FREE-MARKET GEMS

We Don’t Have Health Insurance . . . No one does anymore, and Jim Fedako of the Mises Institute explains why.

Campus Confusion (3:00) . . . Professor Rob Gressis discusses taxation, charity, and the use of force with the students of Cal State Northridge.

Sharing the Wealth . . . Here’s a look at an OnDeck application, a lender for business loans of up to $250k in as little as one day. (Not an ad. We just think this sort of streamlined business model right out of the sharing economy is pretty cool.)

Government Motors . . . Not only are all those safety amenities mandated, but in this case the car companies love being told what to do.

It’s All About the Kids (6:00) . . . Rebecca Friedrichs disagrees and is taking the California Teachers Association to the US Supreme Court to prove it.

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MMA, Uber, and Greeks: FREE-MARKET GEMS

MMA in NYC? . . . Not if the unions have their way. Legal in 49 states, and considered the fasting growing sport in the world, mixed martial arts  has always been, and still is, illegal in New York. But it’s the unions, not an over-reaching nanny state that keeps it that way.

The Greek Debacle pt I (1:30) . . . Garret Jones of George Mason U gives what has to be the simplest explanation of recent events in Greece.

The Greek Debacle pt II (8:00) . . . Mark Matson looks at what’s happening in Greece from the point of view of a fully-diversified, re-balanced, optimistic investor.

Uber-Nanny . . . Taxi unions hate the ride-sharing app Uber, and so too must you if you’re a democrat, says Hillary Clinton. Two parties in an agreed-upon, mutually beneficial economic exchange without regulations? She’s right – this kind of thing has to stop.

Encryption et al . . . Ladar Levison talks net neutrality, cryptography, and freedom of speech in the digital age with ReasonTV’s Zach Weissmueller.

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