Coca-Crony . . . “The Real Thing” will have new meaning after you read this short history of Coke and its US gov’t subsidies.

What’s a Pro-Life Libertarian to do? (30:00) . . . Judge Andrew Napolitano sits down with Reason’s Nick Gillespie to talk, among other things, 2016 election options.

A True Free Market? (9:00) . . . Uber and Airbnb have turned the taxi and hotel industries upside down, but OpenBazaar plans to go even farther: a true free-market with no middle man, no fees, no regulations.

The Foreign Policy Boomerang (5:00) . . . Professor Abby Hall Blanco explains the process of power centralization and how an aggressive foreign policy only feeds it.

The Ice Man Goeth . . . FEE contributor T. Norman Van Cott reminds us that when jobs are lost due to technological advancements, living standards rise. Did refrigerators hurt the ice-delivery man? Yes, but eventually he probably bought a fridge too.

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No Doom & Gloom (4:30) . . . Mark Matson does some investment coaching for the Fox News listeners, and his message is hopeful: stay in it for the long haul.

Hillary & Donald’s Common Ground . . . They both want to spy on us.

Backyard Foreign Policy (5:00) . . . University of Tampa’s Abby Hall Blanco explains the boomerang effect and how our foreign policy may be changing the role of your local police force.

Rothbard in the Sixties . . . He was called a leftist by some, a communist even, but the view from fifty years later reveals a consistent libertarian.

Hillary’s DNC Video (1:00) . . . slightly edited. To reflect the facts, of course.

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Up in smoke . . . From one fascist regime to another, small cigar manufacturers who escaped Cuba to start businesses here are now being regulated out of existence by the FDA and their cronies.

Why Independence? pt IV (3:20) . . . Because radical whig theory, of course. Never heard of it? It’s how our founding fathers understood freedom, and it’s the very basis of America’s form of government.

The Surveillance State (4:30) . . . Good news and bad news: the US has been spying on its own citizens for a lot longer than most people realize; and given our foreign policy it’s not likely to get any better. I guess that’s all bad news.

Trump, the Protectionist . . . Donald Trump’s version of fair trade is anything but free. More than that, it is in the opposite of free-trade, and Philip Magness of FEE explains why.

A Billion-dollar Object Lesson . . . The new home of the Minnesota Vikings will, according to economists from the Brookings Institute, attract neither tourists nor new industry. It’s a large-scale version of Bastiat’s broken window fallacy. A hard lesson to learn for Minnesota tax payers, but hey! Football!

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Obamacare double-down and other FREE-MARKET GEMS

Why Independence? III (3:54) . . . Professor Sarah Burns moves on to the biggie – TAXES!

Over-Policed . . . Yes, police are being asked to do too much. That we can all agree on. But we also have a LOT of things that need policing. Ryan McMaken of Mises offers one reason as to why we have so much of it: because it’s “free.”

So you want socialism? . . . In Venezuela, hyper-inflation has made it impossible to start a business, and a decree from their socialist leader has made it completely illegal to stop running one. This is just the tip of the iceberg that is the Venezuelan disaster.

As long my foot’s in the door . . . Obama proposes fixing the problems with Obamacare by adding more Obamacare.

25 years after the wall falls . . . According to one study, at least, the verdict is in: between those who advocated for a quick shift from socialism to free-market capitalism and those who preferred a gradual approach, the quick-fixers win hands down.


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100% Stock Jump, Hillary, & Bitcoin: FREE-MARKET GEMS


The next 100% (3:00) . . . No one knows what the next 20% stock market movement will be, but the next 100%, history tells us, will be up. So invest for the long-term! says Mark Matson (he’ll also explains why he went bargain shopping in the UK after Brexit).

Why Independence? (1:57) . . . Rochester Institute of Technology professor Sarah Burns introduces the big ideas behind our big 1776 push for liberty.

Why Independence? II (3:54) . . . Colonists vs. British soldiers

Bitcoin to the rescue . . . To avoid law-enforcement crackdown efforts on their Argentinian operations, Uber has partnered with Xapo, a bitcoin wallet and debit card provider, to protect transactions between riders and drivers. Who needs banks and cabs anyway? They’re just so 20th century.

Hillary’s Coattails . . . With the federal code describing over 30,000 regulatory violations that can be treated as crimes, it’s clear to both sides of the aisle that criminal justice reform is needed. Hillary’s defense (a mens rea strategy that seems to have worked) might come in handy for getting us there.




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