Bubbles and the Brown Bomber: FREE-MARKET GEMS

The Next Bubble? . . . Even amid nation-wide funding cuts, college campuses are building like mad. So who’s footing the bill? Easy: Anyone paying the tuition rates that have risen 4 times faster than inflation over the past 30 years.

The Supremes Preserve Obamacare (1:00) . . . Five take-aways from last week’s decision.

Rates Tightening? (2:30) . . . Sit tighter, says Mark Matson. Education requires more reminding than instruction: this is classic MM reminding us of what’s important in investing.

De Blasio Bomb . . . More rent-control antics from NY City promise to decimate a new generation of housing in the Big Apple.

The Joe Louis Story You Didn’t Know . . . If you didn’t hate the IRS already, you will after reading this.


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Courts, Cats, and Caffeine: FREE-MARKET GEMS

I am the Very Model . . . of a Modern U.S. President. Julian Adorney re-pens A Gilbert & Sullivan classic for the upcoming election season.

Cats and Caffeine (4:00) . . . 24-year-old Kanchan Singh beats the D.C. zoning board (and pays $25k for the privilege) to open the nation’s first cat cafe. It’s a cute story.

Droppin’ Hamiltons . . . Mark Thornton of Mises makes a good argument that Alexander Hamilton’s time on the ten-dollar bill should come to an end.

Patently Abusive (14:00) . . . The very purposes of patent law — to promote innovation and protect investment — are being hindered by the patent process itself. It’s time for reform, says lawyer and intellectual property expert Derek Khanna.

The Little Pink House . . . Returning 10 years later to Kelo v. City of New London and the state of Connecticut’s “legal” theft of fifteen homes. Upside: the case has led to some states reforming their eminent domain laws.


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Water, Price Tags, and the Power of the Think Tank: FREE-MARKET GEMS

The Stupendous, Amazing PRICE TAG! (3:20) . . . Econ Prof Donald Boudreaux of George Mason University explains how a single price (and our response to it) contains all the necessary information for accurately determining a product or service’s value and efficiently coordinating its distribution when there’s a shortage or surplus. No centralized decision maker, just a price tag.

Think-Tank Logic . . . It’s circular says James Bovard of Mises Institute. Through think tanks, defense contractors recommend defense contracts, and Washington listens. Example: Foundation for Defense of Democracies “researches” the benefits of weapons programs. They recommend a LOT of weapons programs. A large portion of their funding comes from Boeing, Lockheed, and Northrup Grumman. Business as usual in D.C.

California Dreamin (3:00) . . . Chapman U professor Joel Kotkin says that’s exactly what Californians have been doing about their water for the last 40 years. Between businesses and politicians fixating on the short term and environmentalists capitalizing on their opponents’ heads buried in the sand, the water crisis was inevitable. It was also entirely avoidable.


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Yachts, Rand, and Hand Grenades: FREE-MARKET GEMS

The Invincible Krugman . . . er, maybe not. Andrew Syrios of Mises Institute takes us down a Paul Krugman memory lane of muffs, misses, and might-have-been’s.

Taxing Luxury (1:00) . . . is like fishing with hand grenades. It hurts everyone in the pond.

The Dinosaur Wars (3:00) . . . A fascinating analogy for understanding “rent seeking” (a kind of crony capitalism)

Rand (14:00) . . . Matt Walsh from Reason sits down to chat with the presidential hopeful. It’s all there: a new book, the fillibuster, Snowden.

Hollywood High Art? . . . Sam Staley of the Independent Institute see shades of Adam Smith and C.S. Lewis in the blockbuster Avengers: The Age of Ultron. It may be a stretch, but it’s an interesting angle.


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Zombies, Dollars, and Drugs: FREE-MARKET GEMS

Why we invented money (3:00) . . . A great Econ 101 primer and maybe the best, simplest presentation of the problem with quantitative easing.

The TPP not-so-free-trade agreement . . . True free trade must always be about decentralizing power; the TPP will do just the opposite.

Like a Zombie (3:00) . . . Predicting market movement is like predicting who’ll die next on the next episode of Walking Dead. So says Zach Shepard of Matson Money. He also says OWN THE MARKET!

End of the Road (4:00) . . . Ross Ulbrecht, creator of the on-line drug market Silk Road, gets life in prison without parole. Was it justice or abuse of power?

Made in America…or else (3:00) . . . Bernie Sanders pressures the Smithsonian to buy American. That gift-shop key chain just doubled in price, but hey! America!


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