Tiny Houses, Bitcoin, and Uncle Milty: WEB GEMS

A Rose by Any Other Name . . . “Tax Credit” or “Loophole” or “Subsidy”, the difference is a matter of intent.

The Tiny House (10:00) . . . vs. the not-so-tiny (but increasingly obsolete) local zoning bureaucracy.

The War on Coal . . . Like all the wars we’re in, this one too will carry a high price tag.

The Best of Uncle Milty . . . We may not agree with everything Milton Friedman said, but these seven gems are pure gold.

The Bitcoin Future (19:00) . . . George Gilder’s gotten it right before (the internet, hand-held computers that we now call “phones”), and now he’s very excited about bitcoin.

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Football, Skateboards, and Jet Packs: WEEKLY WEB GEMS

Thrashing through Red Tape (4:00) . . . The electric skateboard industry takes on California’s legislative labyrinth.

Nanny o’ the Month (1:30) . . . While toy guns and phone recycling have local-level legislators in a tizzy, the July NOM goes to….jet packs.

A Master of Investing . . . This short interview with David Booth, co-founder and CEO of Dimensional Fund Advisors, is worth your time. By the way, David is also the Booth of the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

Football and the Free Market (4:00) . . . Whether it’s how we score touchdowns or how we operate in the economy, changing the rules of the game can be dangerous.

NO Helmets! (3:00) . . . Professor Steven Horowitz has a crazy idea about how to solve the NFL’s concussion problems. And yes, it’s an analogy for real life too.

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Rand, Remy, and Runaway Regs: WEB GEMS

Laissez faire is French . . .  but France’s healthcare-based employer mandates (like Obamacare in 2016) is taking the country in quite another direction.

One-on-One with Rand Paul (12:00) . . . Nick Gillespie of ReasonTV chats up the hot-button issues with the presidential hopeful.

Trashed (3:00) . . . How the EPA has replaced the courts.

“The Century of the State” . . . That’s how Mussolini described the 20th Century, but 1914 marks the true turning point.

An IRS Love Song (2:00) . . . by Remy

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Foodies, Haggis, and Remy: WEB GEMS!

100 . . . That’s how many rules the Federal Register added last week. So far this year, 355 new rules will affect small businesses alone.

The War on Drugs (1:00) . . . and YOU…because you’re in it…you just don’t know it.

Love and the IRS (2:00) . . . Remy sings about romance and the rash of crashing government hard drives.

Foodies vs Feds (8:00) . . . Dana Goodyear, author of Anything That Moves, discusses the clash between regulators and the restaurant underground.

It’s time to end Prohibition . . . on haggis, of course. Not only would it make Scottish expats happy, it would also be a good precedent for ending silly bans.

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Monarchy and the Nanny State: WEB GEMS

Ending Mandatory Minimums (3:00) . . . See why Prof. Alex Kreit is hopeful about ending this unjust piece in our criminal justice system.

American Monarchy (5:00) . . . Author Frank Buckley explains how we asked for and got our king.

Nanny of the Month (2:00) . . . “Sad” plaques, a home-made lending library, and sunscreen are the nominees. And the Nanny goes to….

Hold that Nanny! . . . Nanny Reversal! A Nanny o’ the Month nominee reversed the ruling on 9-yr-old Spencer Collins’ front-yard lending library. Only after public outcry, of course.

Nanny Hall of Fame . . . From artichokes to zip codes, an A to Z guide to the pointlessly banished.

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