I need a license for that? . . . ┬áIn the 1950s 1 in 20 jobs in the US required government licensing. Today it’s 1 in 3. So are we any safer? John Stossel uncovers the shady world of government licensing.

If you build it . . . they won’t necessarily come, especially if it’s built with state funds and a product of state central planners. Per Bylund of Mises observes this play out at a grand scale on a recent visit to China.

Listen up, Millennials! . . . Brazilian native and journalist Felipe Moura Brasil shares this cautionary tale about the realities of embracing socialism.

The greatest invention . . . you’ve never thought about. And it’s inventor was a man you’ve never heard of either: Malcom Mclean. Since the 1960s his innovation has been shaping our lives, and we had no idea.

The thorn in Trump’s side . . . is a republican. US Congressman Justin Amash, one of Michigan’s own, sits down with Matt Welch of ReasonTV to talk Trump and the future of the Republican Party.

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