The Pseudo Event . . . It seems fake news has been with us a lot longer than most of us would have guessed. At least one historian was pointing out fake news as early as 1962.

Govt’s contribution to technology . . . was that they got out of its way. LearnLiberty’s Brian Domitrovic explains the explosive effect that the 1964 tax cuts had on Silicon Valley.

What happened to Venezuela? . . . It’s not low oil prices, says Nick Gillespie of Reason. It’s the disease of socialism.

Cheap imports . . . When did they become such a bad thing? They were never bad, and they’re still not. But talking about them can sure gain votes in an election year.

What do Polish air-conditioner makers . . . and Belgium farmers have in common? Very little. And that goes a long way toward explaining why the EU is dysfunctional.

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