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Baby Boomers – What ARE We Going To Do With You?

The demographic that started the practice of naming demographics is once again living up to its name.

BOOM!! 39,000 State of Michigan employees need to be done with work – and soon! Just like that. To say nothing of the fact that these folks actually do a lot of work, the intellectual data that leaves with them all by itself will adversely affect most of the state’s departments for years to come.

Buts it’s simple really… Continue reading

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What Should an Investment Manager Do For You?

Rather than participating in all of the speculative hype so prevalent on Wall Street, your money manager should help you focus on what you can control and make sure you are aware of what you cannot control.

“NO” is the answer I give most frequently to those who ask me investment questions.

Should I buy Google if it goes below $400? NO

Should I load up on health care sector stocks because of the aging population? NO

Should I buy more emerging market or small company stocks because they tend to do better after a recession? NO

The list goes on…. Continue reading

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Poor People Can’t Give

Written 2/25/10

Tonight was Dave Ramsey night in Grand Rapids, MI. As a preferred provider of mortgages in Michigan for Churchill Mortgage (the charter sponsor of the Dave Ramsey radio show), we were able to attend the event in the VIP section—not a section I find myself in under too may circumstances. The event was very well run. The meal was great. Dave was predictably great. My wife and I had a good time.

I don’t disagree with Dave on too many points, and maybe I don’t disagree with him about this either, but I needed to write this down because something Dave said near the end concerned me… Continue reading

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