After Harvey . . . 7 things Trump should NOT do (but already is doing or probably will do soon) in the wake of the disaster in Texas.

On-line optometry? . . . One entrepreneur’s great idea vs. legislators and their cronies.

Why the rich love high taxes . . . It’s all in the small print. Prof. Bryan Domitrovic explains the pet exemption and how high tax rates provide the perfect cover for the biggest income earners.

War on WikiLeaks . . . is war on the first amendment. This is Ron Paul, writing for the Mises Institute: “If the government is successful in shutting down WikiLeaks by labeling it a “hostile intelligence service,” it will use this tactic to silence other organizations and websites as well.”

Minor league football? . . . Separating football from college would make a lot of sense for everyone involved, says Matthew Doernberger of FEE. Everyone except the NCAA, that is.



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