After Harvey . . . 7 things Trump should NOT do (but already is doing or probably will do soon) in the wake of the disaster in Texas.

On-line optometry? . . . One entrepreneur’s great idea vs. legislators and their cronies.

Why the rich love high taxes . . . It’s all in the small print. Prof. Bryan Domitrovic explains the pet exemption and how high tax rates provide the perfect cover for the biggest income earners.

War on WikiLeaks . . . is war on the first amendment. This is Ron Paul, writing for the Mises Institute: “If the government is successful in shutting down WikiLeaks by labeling it a “hostile intelligence service,” it will use this tactic to silence other organizations and websites as well.”

Minor league football? . . . Separating football from college would make a lot of sense for everyone involved, says Matthew Doernberger of FEE. Everyone except the NCAA, that is.



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Freeing us from the Fed . . . Tho Bishop of the Mises Institute calls on Rand Paul to resurrect one of his father’s most radical (and sensible) pieces of legislation.

The racist origin of the minimum wage . . . Deirdre McCloskey of LearnLiberty delves into the darker side of what has always been a bad deal for the poor.

Free speech and guns . . . a scary combination of rights, says Jeffrey Tucker of FEE, but still constitutional and one that the ACLU should still defend.

How to shrink inequality? . . . Shrink trade, progress, and wealth building. Because making everyone poorer is the only way to close that gap.

Enormous orange balls of gas . . . Remy explains how to watch them, whether an eclipse or CNN’s coverage of Trump.


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The Pseudo Event . . . It seems fake news has been with us a lot longer than most of us would have guessed. At least one historian was pointing out fake news as early as 1962.

Govt’s contribution to technology . . . was that they got out of its way. LearnLiberty’s Brian Domitrovic explains the explosive effect that the 1964 tax cuts had on Silicon Valley.

What happened to Venezuela? . . . It’s not low oil prices, says Nick Gillespie of Reason. It’s the disease of socialism.

Cheap imports . . . When did they become such a bad thing? They were never bad, and they’re still not. But talking about them can sure gain votes in an election year.

What do Polish air-conditioner makers . . . and Belgium farmers have in common? Very little. And that goes a long way toward explaining why the EU is dysfunctional.

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I need a license for that? . . .  In the 1950s 1 in 20 jobs in the US required government licensing. Today it’s 1 in 3. So are we any safer? John Stossel uncovers the shady world of government licensing.

If you build it . . . they won’t necessarily come, especially if it’s built with state funds and a product of state central planners. Per Bylund of Mises observes this play out at a grand scale on a recent visit to China.

Listen up, Millennials! . . . Brazilian native and journalist Felipe Moura Brasil shares this cautionary tale about the realities of embracing socialism.

The greatest invention . . . you’ve never thought about. And it’s inventor was a man you’ve never heard of either: Malcom Mclean. Since the 1960s his innovation has been shaping our lives, and we had no idea.

The thorn in Trump’s side . . . is a republican. US Congressman Justin Amash, one of Michigan’s own, sits down with Matt Welch of ReasonTV to talk Trump and the future of the Republican Party.

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Everything you need to know . . . about government, in one story. Daniel Mitchell of FEE tells a fantastical parable of government’s inefficiency and contempt for private initia — oh wait, Not a parable. It really happened.

Do sanctions work? . . . Here’s Ron Paul’s answer: “So the goal of sanctions is to make life as miserable as possible for civilians so they will try to overthrow their governments. Foreign leaders and the elites do not suffer under sanctions. This policy would be immoral even if it did work, but it does not.

He won’t be cornered! . . . Mark Matson gets pressed for stock picks by the FOX talking head, but as usual he stays on message: Don’t pick stocks. OWN IT ALL!

Gov’t bureaucracy MUST expand . . . It’s built in, and it’s human nature, says economics prof Abby Hall of the U of Tampa.

And when it does expand . . . John Stossel will show us all the prudent ways those bigger budgets get spent.


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