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OPTIONS = 40 hours/week + 4 hours/year

I’m not sure what retirement is anymore, but I think I like it.

Over the past 10 years I’ve heard as many different ideas of what ‘retirement’ will look like as I’ve had clients talking about it. More than ever, they’re talking about continuing to work either full or part time, starting a business, or volunteering somewhere…. Continue reading

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Warren Buffett goes Indexing!

Front page Wall Street Journal again today – I just had to comment. Warren Buffett’s elite stock has never been one that the average american could own.  He has never split his share price so the price of one share … Continue reading

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Building an Investor Community

One of my goals as an Investor Coach is to build a “community” of like minded investors.

This community is (we’ve already begun) a group of investors committed to becoming Seasoned Investors with Peace of Mind as a defining characteristic. The following is a short (non-exhaustive) list of what I am talking about.

Seasoned Investors are focused on . . . Continue reading

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Global Markets Shudder!!

This is the main headline of The Wall Street Journal today.

I wonder how all of the active money managers are feeling today after yesterdays mammoth sell off in their international small company and emerging markets funds?

They might be re-thinking their mid 2009 “inflight correction” to include more emerging markets in their portfolios.

Let’s not miss this!

Here is what happened to many portfolios this past year… Continue reading

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Debt Ceiling – Lowered ??

In an historic and highly charged summit on Sandhill Road in Mason MI, Evan and Jenny Vanderwey with the unanimous approval of their children and a cliff hanger 2 to 0 vote agreed to LOWER their personal household debt ceiling.

“Ever since the mortgage industry took a turn for the worse late in 2006 we have been meaning to make official what we have been talking about since then.” Jenny said to the children last evening around 8:30pm… Continue reading

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