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Companies Work for YOU.

In an article sent to me recently by a client, Burton Malkiel, author of many books including A Random Walk Down Wall Street, makes the following statement about corporate earnings (read it twice if you need to): “…the structure of U.S. … Continue reading

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Even in Politics, Free Markets Work

Would someone please change the station? The static is killing me. I often drive from Lansing to Grand Rapids because my firm has offices in both locations. When I make that drive I usually start out the trip listening to … Continue reading

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Friday Funnies

An interview with the creator of the “Keynes vs Hayek” rap videos… In case you missed them… Fear the Boom and Bust Fight of the Century  

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3 Factor Model

This is the last in a 3-part series on Free Market Portfolio Theory. If you missed parts 1 or 2, they’re linked below. Part 1 – Efficient Markets Part 2 – Modern Portfolio Theory

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You Own Companies, Not the Economy

Did you know that Facebook was recently valued by Forbes at over $50 billion? Some think it could be as much as a $65 Billion company! The kid who owns it was born in 1984 and will turn 27 this … Continue reading

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