About Evan

Evan is an Investor Coach who teaches his clients—through education and encouragement—to close the behavior gap in investing…

The stock market yields over a 10% annualized rate of return in the long run, but investors routinely achieve less than 4%. This deficit is due to investor and manager behavior. Activities that we’ve been taught to believe are essential to good investing—things like stock picking, chasing past returns, and market timing—actually work toward reducing portfolio performance. Given this, Evan’s goals as an investor coach are clear: to open the eyes of his clients to these harmful investing behaviors; to educate them on the why and how of Free-Market Portfolio Theory; and to encourage them to stay the course.

Evan is a graduate of Calvin College (BS Accounting) and since 1994 has been helping people make their biggest financial decisions—from mortgages to retirement portfolios. Evan grew up in west Michigan and was one of eight children. He and Jenny, his wife of 15 years, now live in Mason MI with nine children of their own. Evan is active in his church where he’s served as deacon and elder.

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