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What Every Investor Should Know About Capturing The Commonly Ignored, Wealth Boosting Elements Of The Stock Market… And How You Can Take Advantage Of Asset Building Opportunities Already Available… Without Gambling Away Your Sweat Equity

An urgent message to investors who need to plug the leaks in their portfolios, grow their wealth, and sleep at night…

My name is Mark Matson, and I have been working with investors and financial professionals for over 20 years. The one thing I’ve learned that can help you the most is that anyone can be a successful investor when given the right tools and strategies.

While the tools and strategies themselves are enough to design a great portfolio, the average investor never sees the return or portfolio performance that they looking for. Why? Because we are human; and for us, implementing a strategy and sticking to a plan is much harder than getting the knowledge we need to be successful.

If investing and dieting were easy, we would all be rich and skinny.

Just like implementing a diet plan, investing takes discipline, patience, and commitment. We all know what it takes to lose weight and be fit. Most of us, however, don’t have the self-discipline to follow the rules (eat right and exercise) on a consistent basis to get the results we dream of. Sometimes it takes a personal trainer or coach to get us on the right track and keep us doing what we need to do.

What does it take to have the discipline you need to become a serious and successful investor? A coach. Exactly the same as a personal trainer for your body and mind, an investor coach provides you with the tools and strategies you need to be a successful investor. Then the coach keeps you on the right track to achieve your goals.

Many things in the world today are designed to distract you from your goal of building your wealth. Not only are there countless ways to spend your money before you save, but the barrage of media attention on the hype and horror of investing is also bound to leave you confused and scared.

Every great athlete needs a coach to achieve peak performance… don’t your financial
future and portfolio deserve the same level of attention?

A coach can help you wade through the nonsense and focus on the best way to reach your goals. He can make the investing process, not just easy to understand… but also provide a level of clarity that few individual investors enjoy in today’s murky financial landscape.

The exciting news is that if you know just a few of the right things about investing… you could actually be in a better position than other investors to reach your goals while reducing the typical stress of investing.

I don’t have the magic beans that will help you get rich overnight. What I offer investors is the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits investing in the stock market has to offer, using Nobel Prize-winning investment strategies that work in the real world.

You can take advantage of the inherent benefits that the stock market has to offer.

This strategy is based on a concept called Modern Portfolio Theory. Now, I don’t expect you to know what that is or where it came from, but the gist is that the people who developed it are economic and financial experts from the University of Chicago, and the theory is so sound that it won the Nobel Prize in economics.

What it basically means is that there is a mathematical and scientific way to design a portfolio so that you (yes, you) could get a market rate of return consistent with your risk tolerance –whatever yours may be.

You don’t have to know everything about the financial world, you just need to know the right things. We can teach you the right things to pay attention to regarding your investments… and what to ignore. (You’ll be astonished to finally cut through the noise and fluff, and discover how straightforward prudent investing can be.)

I haven’t met an investor yet who could implement an investment strategy (no matter how good) and stick with it without the support of a financial professional. I encourage you to seek out a financial coach who you feel confident can keep you on the right track to achieve your investment goals.

Here is a quick list of things that you should make sure you get when
selecting a financial coach – someone who:

  • You trust and feel has your best interest in mind (you have to go with your gut on this, but a good place to start is with someone who has a good reputation with other successful investors).
  • Makes you feel confident about what you are doing and gives you the information or education you need to fully understand your investment strategy… you don’t have to be the expert but you shouldn’t be in the dark either… make sure you get the information you need.
  • Gets paid fees, not commissions. Advisors or brokers who make commissions from selling you a particular product often have other motivations besides your best interest – be aware.
  • Makes you feel like an individual – not a number. You are an individual and deserve individual attention and consideration. Make sure you get it.
  • Will watch your back and stick with you and your strategy for the long haul. You want your advisor to be a true advocate for your financial success, who will stick with you and keep you pumped up about your strategy.
  • Has conviction about the products and strategies that he recommends and can back it up. Make sure that there is solid, believable evidence for the strategy that your professional recommends and that he can deliver it to you.
  • It’s much easier to have someone else do the hard work for you, to look clearly and objectively at your current situation, and find out where you think you want to go. In short, someone who can tell you what is realistic and what isn’t.

Imagine a portfolio designed specifically around your goals and dreams…
that doesn’t keep you awake at night.

You can join an elite group of investors who have been smart and savvy enough to take charge of their investment futures and are not prey to the fads or gimmicks of the investing world. You can have a portfolio that is doing its job all the time. You don’t have to rely on predictions about the future. Recession, market drops, bull markets, bear markets… can all be factored into your strategy.

If you want to know how you can benefit from Nobel Prize-winning investment theory in the real world, complete the information below to request more information.

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