Double Dip cannot be predicted.

If you think back two weeks ago, all the economic data (and therefore the talking heads on TV and internet news sources) pointed to and propagated the fear that our economy was fragile and was headed (almost surely) for a double-dip recession.

Today, all most all economic data (and therefore the talking heads – same ones, I think) point to somewhat more favorable near-term economic results.

Who do you believe? The same news castors interview folks who have differing points of view on almost a daily basis.

Don’t believe (or listen to) any of them.

You are an investor. What happens next year does not matter for you and your plan.

Simply be reminded that the engine to which you have attached your future financial net worth has produced wealth for more individuals than any other single engine.

Thousands of stocks, well diversified, held passively and rebalanced regularly, is the right path for you long term.

Call us to revisit your portfolio any time.

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