Weekly Web Gems

End the Fed? (4:56). . . Professor Lawrence White of George Mason University shows how the 5 functions of the Federal Reserve would be better managed privately. This is an excellent primer on just what, exactly, the Fed does.

The debt ceiling . . . and where the idea of raising it all began. Be warned, Reagan fans, this doesn’t end well for the Gipper’s legacy.

A national parks alternative (3:06) . . . Economics professor Holly Fretwell proposes a free-market solution for keeping the nation’s parks open, and one that would work with or without a government shut-down.

Gov’t spending cuts? (6:00) . . . Matt Welch of ReasonTV talks with John Stossel about the Republicans aversion to actually cutting anything specific.

The rise and fall of the motor city (5:37) . . . Author Harry Veryser traces the beginning of the end back to the early ’60s and the first city government interference — a city income tax and zoning laws.

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