Failing Well, the 1%, a Vanishing American Dream: Weekly Web Gems

Fiat Money Enriches the Rich (3:08) . . . In his review of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century, Mark Thornton of The Mises Institute points out the true culprit behind wealth disparity since 1971 — abandoning the gold standard.

Boycotting the Clippers . . . Peter Suderman explains how the threat of a boycott may be just as effective as empty seats in Staples Center.

Regulating the Dream Away. . . John Stossel argues that government has destroyed the environment for innovation.

The Key to Success (13:22) . . . is failure? Yes, says author Megan McArdle.

We are ALL the 1% (3:18) . . . From the dawn of human history to 1800 A.D. the average income was about $3 a day (in today’s money!) Then we got rich. Dierdre McCloskey explains how.

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