Own Your Home…OWN it!

Why do we spend so much time on home ownership as part of this financial planning workshop?

Because of findings like these from a recent survey of home buyers AFTER they closed and moved into their new home!

  • 56% wished they had known more about the financial process involved, although 9 out of 10 home buyers believed they were prepared when purchasing their home. Those indicating they “should have known more” cited the following as key areas:

                  The loan closing process—22%

                  Making an offer and negotiating—19%


  • 39% regretted the size, price, or even the neighborhood of their new home.

  • 40% said the process took longer than expected.

  • 34% said owning a home cost more than expected.

This is disturbing, and it’s why we are doing these monthly workshops for current homeowners and new home buyers. This workshop will help those with regrets to correct the situation by putting together a plan. It will also help the new homebuyer make better decisions up front.

Successful, Debt-Free Home Ownership is a key component to a sound financial plan for meeting college-funding and retirement goals.

If you own a home, or want to someday, you need to attend this workshop.

Saturday, June 14
10am to noon
The Kellogg Center in East Lansing.

Hope to see you there!


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