Investing as a Family Affair

Just for a minute, think about something really exciting pertaining to your children and grandchildren.

What if, starting out as young as their late teens let’s say, your kids and grandkids began the process of understanding investing as you do?

What if they actually understood investing from the beginning?

What if they never had an experience with an investment portfolio that charged them too much, lacked diversification, had excessive turnover, or underperformed market benchmarks?

What if they worked with a financial coach who impressed upon them the truth about credit, compound-investment returns, and the power of waiting to buy things until they could be paid for?

What if they saved 10 to 15% of their income from a very young age?

Then, what if they achieved market returns for 30, 40, even 50 years straight?

Think about it.

The market return before fees for a well-diversified fund over the past 41 years has been over 13%!!

Consider these two options:

1 – you leave your children 1,000,000 in their late 60’s.

2 – you give your child $1200 at age 18 (and they earned market returns during their entire life time)

Which would you choose? I would take Option 2 all day long because Option 2 is really both of them – with benefits.

Say your child saved $1200 by age 18. Then let’s say you added $1200 to that as an incentive for them to invest it. So they invested $2400, one time, into an IRA and left it there for 50 years, until age 68. You just gave them nearly a $1,000,000 inheritance in their sixties.

Why in the world would a parent in this country not do this with at least some amount of money?

Think about it….



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