Hipsters, ZEDES, and Trains to Nowhere: WEB GEMS

Steve ForbesĀ on $ . . . He gets it right, then wrong, and in conclusion, very wrong.

Mandated Maternity Leave (2:45) . . . A great example of how well-intentioned laws often have unintended consequences and even achieve the opposite of the intended results.

Detroit’s Light-Rail Line . . . Did Detroit learn nothing from The People Mover miss? It doesn’t matter: the Feds are footing the bill for this one.

The Hipster Capitalist . . . Just when we think we’ve got Millenials pegged, they go all entrepreneurial on us.

The City Start-up (5:00) . . . A fascinating look at how Honduras, one of the poorest and least stable countries in the world, is looking to free-market solutions for governance and law.

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