Wombs, Wages, and Western Ethics: WEB GEMS

Individualism and the West . . . In his review of Larry Seidentop’s How the West Invented Individualism, Roger McKinney gives a fascinating glimpse into different ethical assumptions of East and West.

Womb for rent (6:00) . . . State senator Brad Hoylman wants to make gestational surrogacy–illegal in most states–an option for would-be parents and surrogates of NY.

And the Nanny goes to (2:00) . . . The Lone Star State and a proposed bill that would prohibit taking video of police officers at work.

One more┬áreal cost of a minimum-wage hike . . . Seattle should not be surprised that the wage increase is threatening an entire service. Neither should they be surprised that it will be the poor who suffer from the loss. Just because consequences are unintended doesn’t mean they weren’t predictable.

Barack Obama LIVE! (1:30) . . . The President joins Nick Gillespie for a google hang-out session. (OK, not exactly live, and it was recorded yesterday.)



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