Cocktails and Beer Tax and Anything but Free Trade: FREE-MARKET GEMS

You Think You Hate Taxes Now? (3:30) . . . Go buy a six-pack of your favorite craft brew and then watch this.

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch . . . or free trade. What we commonly refer to as “free-trade” agreements are no more than government cartels with greater government control over the economy. Genuine free trade would not require treaties with specific partner nations but policies enacted at the borders.

Minimum-Wage Merry-Go-Round . . . Here we go again. Espousing a higher minimum wage seems to be the perennial easy vote grab. Bernie Sanders is not the first and won’t be the last. But if he knew the real implications of a hike to $15, he’d drop it like dirty email server.

Some Violence is Non-Violent . . . A philosophical look into the apparent contradiction that defending private property with physical force is a form of non-violence. The debate is interesting but the Bible laid this out long ago: Thou shalt not take other people’s stuff implies that people can own their stuff. And stopping them from taking it upholds the rule of the law.

The Democratic Drink Menu (1:00) . . . “Barkeep, I’ll take a Joe Biden. Just throw in whatever you grab. As long you mean well, it should be fine.” Or try a Hillary or a Bernie. They’re all on special this week.


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