No free-speech rights . . . says Murray Rothbard. Only property rights. Peter Klein of the Mises Institute explores this fascinating way of looking at the campus speech debacle (as well as the notion of free speech). He says that leaving it up to the “owners” of the colleges and the voluntary contracts between them and their students would quiet the hubbub.

Price as language. . . It took the free market and the language of the pricing system to give us the pencil and the IPhone, and there’s a good reason why. Dr. Dan Russell explains how central planners can NEVER provide what people with disbursed knowledge can.

Student loans . . . It seems like they’ve been around forever, but Dr. Brian Domitrovic of Learn Liberty sets the record straight and gives us some hope about where we might be headed next.

Everything’s big in Texas . . . especially the auto dealership lobby. But Elon Musk is one guy who doesn’t seem to let big challenges get in his way. He wants to sell his Teslas directly to the consumer. So in this fight, is he the David or the Goliath? Either way, it should be interesting.

Our roads are crumbling . . . say infrastructure contractors, lobbyists, and everyone else who feeds off government contracts. The rest of us (us being those who actually produce, distribute, and comprise the nation’s economic activity) seem to be getting to work and getting our products to market just fine.

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