Weekly Web Gems

The internet of the future? (4:58). . . Hopefully not. The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement – more big gov’t oversight and crony capitalism.

Pathological Altruism . . . Prof. Barbara Oakley of Oakland University shows how the desire to help others through public policy often has inadequate and sometimes back-firing effects.

Buying it for a song (10:30). . . a fascinating (and friendly) debate over copyright laws and intellectual property from the guys at FEE.

The Ministry of silly walks (3:27). . . Professor Art Carden is looking for payment for creating silly walks. His solution? A government grant of course.

June’s nanny-of-the-month? (1:42). . . New Mexico state rep Mary Helen Garcia. She wants to criminalize mean talk. Say something harsh about a politician and you could land in jail. Happy Independence Day, America!

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