Opportunity, Trade, and Back-handed Compliments — the Weekly Web Gems

And this year’s NYT Prize goes to . . . Lew Rockwell of the Mises Institute. And in his response to the State’s chief propaganda arm, Lew reminds us of the good company one is in when the NYT takes shots at you.

“Poverty is the norm” (2:42) . . . and opportunity is the condition necessary to lift people out of it.

Trade is made of WIN, pt I (2:26) . . . Professor Art Carden introduces Fritz and Lou, and explains the Econ 101 principle that trade creates wealth.

Trade is made of WIN, pt II (2:36) . . . Fritz and Lou take the high-tech road and find that economics works even there: specialization and trade help everyone, but especially the consumer.

Trade is made of WIN, pt III (2:17) . . . Fritz and Lou learn that trade not only creates wealth, but helps to preserve it.

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