Emerging Markets, The Super Bowl, and a Quiz — Your Weekly Web Gems

What about Emerging Markets? (7:40) . . . Chase them? No, never. Be exposed to them? Of course. Investor coach Paul Winkler explains just how much exposure is good exposure.

The Super Bowl, Minimum Wage, and the Panic of 1873 (37:00). . . Mark Thornton of the Mises Institute hits them all in this lively, wide-ranging interview.

Product Safety and the Free Market (4:41) . . . Surely we need the gov’t to keep us safe from things like bad drugs, right? Not if the gov’t agency is a monopoly. Only competitive (i.e. private) agencies have the incentive to balance caution and efficiency.

Quick Quiz! (0:41) . . . Test yourself on a few common assumptions about economics.

An unbiased Supreme Court? (9:00) . . . Clark Neily, author of Terms of Engagement, argues NO and discusses what needs to change for the highest court in the land to act as the check and balance it was designed to be.

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