NFL, Bitcoin, Free Speech — Your Weekly Web Gems

The only¬†free society is a SELLING society (3:00)¬†. . . Once you’ve heard Prof. Deidre McCloskey explain it, you may never think of free speech in the same way again.

Obamacare impossible to repeal? . . . Nonsense, says Dominick Armentano of the Mises Institute. And here’s the precedent you’ve probably never heard of.

Everyone loves the NFL (7:00) . . . But maybe cities and their taxpayers shouldn’t. Greg Easterbrook discusses taxpayer subsidies for the billionaire owners.

The Bottom Line (9:00) . . . William Eggers, author of The Solution Revolution, talks about how businesses today are keeping their eyes on two and even three bottom lines.

NY takes on Bitcoin (3:00) . . . with an eye on regulating it, of course.

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