Our 51st State, Bitcoin, and Free-Range Parenting: WEB GEMS

3 Bitcoin basics (2:30) . . . Think “cash” not money; they’re not just for criminals; and there’s a fixed, limited number of them.

What’s a neocon? you ask . . . Author George H. Smith gives his answer and defines libertarian while he’s at it.

If you love them let them go (4:22) . . . or something corny like that. Lenore Skenazy, author of Free-Range Kids, gives one NYC couple a hands-on parenting lesson.

The Austrians . . . and why increasing the money supply will NEVER pull a society out of poverty.

And then there were 51 (2:13) . . . Northern CA gets a little closer to its dream of statehood (but we would call it Jefferson). 


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