Mark Matson Minute (1:00) . . . It’s actually less than a minute, and I bet you can guess what he’s going to say. Investors, you can’t hear this message too often!

The secret life of Jackie Robinson . . . He was – are you ready for this? – a conservative. It wasn’t actually a secret back in 1960 when he joined the Nixon presidential campaign and got fired form the NY Post for it, but it sure is hushed up today. Happy Jackie Robinson Day, everyone!

Capitalists are self-interested . . . and the world shouldn’t want it any other way. Gary Galles of the Mises Institute reminds us of the important difference between self-interest and selfishness.

Let your No mean Yes? . . . Totally. Kathryn Schulz of The New Yorker explores the recent and puzzling emergence of the yes/no auto-antonym. Unregulated language development — gotta love it.

Best Song Ever! (2:00) . . . (The tax edition by Remy) Simultaneously funny and infuriating.


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