Courts, Cats, and Caffeine: FREE-MARKET GEMS

I am the Very Model . . . of a Modern U.S. President. Julian Adorney re-pens A Gilbert & Sullivan classic for the upcoming election season.

Cats and Caffeine (4:00) . . . 24-year-old Kanchan Singh beats the D.C. zoning board (and pays $25k for the privilege) to open the nation’s first cat cafe. It’s a cute story.

Droppin’ Hamiltons . . . Mark Thornton of Mises makes a good argument that Alexander Hamilton’s time on the ten-dollar bill should come to an end.

Patently Abusive (14:00) . . . The very purposes of patent law — to promote innovation and protect investment — are being hindered by the patent process itself. It’s time for reform, says lawyer and intellectual property expert Derek Khanna.

The Little Pink House¬†. . . Returning 10 years later to Kelo v. City of New London and the state of Connecticut’s “legal” theft of fifteen homes.¬†Upside: the case has led to some states reforming their eminent domain laws.


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