Guns, Greece, and IP: FREE-MARKET GEMS

WORK as Slavery?¬†. . . Julian Adorney of Mises takes apart the fallacy that employment, no matter how voluntary, is coercive. As usual, it’s all about fundamentals and defining terms.

What is LIBERTY? (6:00) . . . Everyone likes it (even Karl Marx said he liked it), but what does a good libertarian mean when he uses the word?

If Greece Defaults (1:40) . . . Will the international community forgive and forget? Depending on how Greece goes about it, says Econ. Prof Garrett Jones, they may be willing to do a lot more than that.

Intellectual Property (26:00)¬†Reason’s Nick Gillespie moderates this fascinating libertarian panel discussion on the limits and abuses of patents and copyright law.

The “Moderate” step of gun registration . . . Playing the “Hitler Did It” card can be an easy, go-to fallacy when debating an issue, but in this case it’s just a good and reasonable use of history: Registration had to happen before the guns were confiscated from their Jewish owners, and it was always part of the design.


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