ISIS Cuts Salaries…and other FREE-MARKET GEMS

Auto Boom or Auto ‘POP’? . . . When the subprime auto bubble bursts, prices of used cars will drop (it’s inevitable; there will be no other way for the market to clear inventories without going bankrupt). For those with cash, it should be good shopping.

$15 Minimum Wage? (3:30) . . . Basic economics (and basic common sense) says it’s a really bad idea.

The GOP Debate Best/Worst (5:00) . . . In case you missed it, here are the highs and lows from the South Carolina debates.

Gun Control . . . It makes for good rhetoric for politicians but lousy (as in costly and ineffective) policy. Cato Institute breaks it down for us.

ISIS hits the Laffer Curve . . . Terrorists have to tighten belts and cut salaries as revenues drop and expenses increase. It just seems like no one is free of economic realities these days.

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