Texas and Taxes: FREE-MARKET GEMS

The False Fed Facade . . . may finally be cracking as the latest generation of Fed Reserve appointees begin to show their true political colors.

Liberty is Individual (2:20) . . . Dr. Peter Jaworski of Learn Liberty uses Game of Thrones to illustrate the evil of collectivism.

Pro Capitalism is NOT Pro Business (3:30) . . . Dr. Jeff Miron, professor of economics from Harvard tackles the top 3 myths about capitalism.

So You Want it Fair? . . . Recent calls for the rich to pay their fair share in taxes–if those calls were heeded literally–would mean deep tax cuts for top and increases for the bottom, as the top 2.7% earners account for more than half of all tax revenues. Be careful what you ask for.

Beating the Bust . . . Texas continues to confound. It’s growing, it’s working, and it’s living what we all used to call the American dream.



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