Coca-Crony . . . “The Real Thing” will have new meaning after you read this short history of Coke and its US gov’t subsidies.

What’s a Pro-Life Libertarian to do? (30:00) . . . Judge Andrew Napolitano sits down with Reason’s Nick Gillespie to talk, among other things, 2016 election options.

A True Free Market? (9:00) . . . Uber and Airbnb have turned the taxi and hotel industries upside down, but OpenBazaar plans to go even farther: a true free-market with no middle man, no fees, no regulations.

The Foreign Policy Boomerang (5:00) . . . Professor Abby Hall Blanco explains the process of power centralization and how an aggressive foreign policy only feeds it.

The Ice Man Goeth . . . FEE contributor T. Norman Van Cott reminds us that when jobs are lost due to technological advancements, living standards rise. Did refrigerators hurt the ice-delivery man? Yes, but eventually he probably bought a fridge too.

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