A bad case of the do-somethings . . . Price controls in times of shortage may be the easy political fix, but the economics (the reality) of price controls invariably means more shortage.

Amerexit from NATO? (28:00) . . . Yes, says policy analyst Ivan Eland from the Independent Institute. The need for NATO no longer exists.

Why does gov’t humanitarian aid fail? (5:00) . . . Because government, says Chris Coyne of George Mason U. (Ok, he does elaborate on that answer, but the bottom line is still gov’t).

PC in retreat . . . The recent campus hysteria (micro-aggressions, trigger warnings, safe spaces) may be, according to Reason, collapsing under the “weight of its own internal contradictions.” Let’s hope for a total collapse.

Free is not good enough . . . UC Berkley’s free online content should also be accessible to the visual and hearing impaired, says the D.O.J. Berkley’s response is a reasonable one: That would cost too much, so one gets it.

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