Robots, Bitcoin, & Nannies: WEB GEMS

Sinking the Jones Act . . . This nearly 100-year-old law (a law that you’ve probably never heard of) is one of many that help to cripple American trade.

The Nanny of the Month (1:30) . . . goes to Montana state rep. David Moore for proposing a ban on yoga pants.

This one’s different (2:43) . . . For the 3rd time, Obamacare goes to the land’s highest court, this time for breaking its own laws.

You’re redundant! (4:00) . . . And if it’s because of a robot, that might be good news for you.

Bitcoin & Poverty (1:44) . . . With few banks or credit-card companies available, Filipino workers are finding that bitcoin is the cheapest way to send remittances to family.


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