Rand, Love Gov, and Ludwig: FREE-MARKET GEMS

The Pauls: Like father like son? . . . Not exactly. But given the other GOP (hawk) alternatives, Rand Paul is still the field’s voice of reason on foreign policy.

Love Gov ep.5 (5:00) . . . Alexis finally has enough of Gov’s intrusive, destructive, obsessive behavior and tells him off. If only it were that easy.

There is no middle . . . In 1950, Ludwig von Mises delivered an address in which he showed that when government chooses to fix a “market failure” by intervening in that economic sector, the intervention invariably falls short or creates problems greater than those the action was intended to fix. Over the last sixty-some years, we’ve been proving him right.

Will the Fed raise rates? (7:00) . . . If you’re diversified in your investments, it shouldn’t matter what the Fed does with rates, says Mark Matson. On point, as usual.

Fearless Free Speech (4:00) . . . Attention college students, teachers, and administrators: Afraid of offensive ideas? Then you have no business being in the education business, says poli-sci prof Donald Downs. Free speech is messy, but it’s THE crucial ingredient for a robust learning environment.


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