Monopoly . . . is an ugly word, and there are some ugly things (some bad economic assumptions) about the favorite board game too. Beware – you may never look at the game the same way again.

The turncoat . . . Meet the Utah senator who jumped the Republican ship for the Libertarian one.

Back to the Middle Ages? . . . Growth management laws, which restrict what owners can do with their own land, sure make it feel like feudal times. The actual effects of the plans are no better.

Free markets and equality . . . The rising cost of occupational licensing not only creates an informational disparity between consumers and producers, but also bars the poor from entry and produces no improvements in quality.

An antidote to pessimism? . . . Try reality, says Marian Tupy of FEE. We’re richer, safer, and healthier than at any point in history, and yet we’re sure the sky is falling. Stop it!

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